Amit Bhatia, Executive Recruiter | Partner

Amit looks back favorably on his adolescent days where he grew up spending a lot of time around a family-owned business.  He learned quickly about the importance of building, growing, and maintaining quality relationships.  Having the opportunity to be around different business situations at a young age has helped nourish Amit’s eclectic and energetic personality.  He is a music aficionado, loves his Minnesota sports, and surprises people with his ability to genuinely relate to whatever their personal interests are.

To the Echo team, Amit brings fifteen years of client and vendor interfacing experience working for both Fortune 500 and private companies.  Nearly nine of those years Amit spent within the professional recruiting industry focused within the finance and accounting verticals.

Amit is a natural leader, lover of people, and continuous learner.  He loves solving the challenges companies face with finding the right people at the right time.  Amit is truly the definition of what it means to be relationship focused.  Others say it, Amit is it!  Professional recruiting allows him to showcase his natural gift of improving lives by bringing candidates and clients together.

At Echo Search Group, Amit performs as an Executive Recruiter and Chief Executive Officer.  His deep-rooted market relationship, energy, and commitment to others make him invaluable to the group.

Amit often says, “I am a bit old school and prefer to sit down and break bread.”  We certainly echo that philosophy.


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