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The Echo Edge works because of Echo founding partners’ distinctive skill sets — Amit is the culture king; Daren, the bird dog; Scott, the accountant and Nate, the dot-connector. Together, they’re the ultimate search team; the only team that could create this uniquely consultative approach rooted in their 70+ years of recruiting experience and just plain love of the business.  

After its founding serving the accounting and finance industry, Echo Search Group brings the Echo Edge to business operations with the talents of Calvin Fisher and Darren Kent. They bring Echo’s broad, team-boosted network and refined, laser-focused selection process to work across multiple industries.

meet echo

With 150-plus years of combined recruiting experience, the Echo Search team will drive positive results. Details matter, and Echo will do the difficult things necessary for success, acting with humility, hustle, and integrity.

Amit Bhatia

Daren Miller

Scott Sterling

Calvin Fisher

Sarah Stauffer

Darren Kent

Nate Exsted


Our broad network, laser-focused selection process and deep industry experience ensure success. We look forward to sharing your story.

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Recruiters that begin with listening. No assumptions or we know best approach. We guide your search while providing experienced support.

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“There is not a more ethical, down to earth, team of recruiters in the Twin Cities.”

– Jeanette D.

“Echo’s dedication to our working relationship and full commitment to truly listening and understanding our company needs makes them my first call.”

– John S.

“The Echo team was extremely helpful and professional in helping me land my current position. I would recommend him to anybody in need of recruiter in the future.”

– Kurt R.

“The Echo team not only became a part of the team but led us to greater places in culture, passion and execution.”

– Tyler L.

“My favorite recruiters to talk to over the many years and decades really.”

– Melissa S.

“I’ve worked with the founding members of Echo Search Group for nearly a decade. Their candidate placement precision is second to none.”

– Anthony S.

“I came to Echo with no clear idea of what I wanted and a laundry list of what I didn’t want. They worked through all that with patience, creativity and invaluable insight.”

– Lisa F.

“The Echo team is honest with their candidate recommendations. They never tried to over-sell.”

– Pat H.

“I felt like Echo truly had my best interests in mind and was not going to push me towards a position I didn’t want.”

– Kevin W.

“Many recruiters will say “we are an extension of your company, your team, you.” Echo REALLY DOES!”

– Tim M. 

“My experience in working with Echo was overwhelmingly positive and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a seasoned recruiter that can be trusted to have your best interests in mind.”

-Ken V.