Daren Miller, Executive Recruiter | Partner

Though Daren has lived in Minneapolis for most of his adult life, he will always identify with his small-town Austin, MN hometown values and upbringing. He is a big fan of the Austin Packers high school basketball team and the Oklahoma Sooners. Daren is also an avid reader. He mostly enjoys political satire, biographies, and science fiction to satisfy his intellectual curiosity. With a razor-sharp attorney wife and charismatic teenage daughter at home, he reads to keep whatever edge he can around the Miller household.

To the Echo team, Daren brings his previous experience as an auditor, analyst, and operations manager from Ford Credit and Citi Group. The last fifteen years, Daren has worked in the Twin Cities as a dedicated accounting and finance recruiter and earned the reputation as one of the best.

Daren’s desire to not let others down, his loyalty to the team, and natural ability to be resourceful allows him to find talent that others cannot. His ability to ask the right question at just the right time is invaluable as he counsels clients and candidates with important career decisions.

At Echo Search Group, Daren performs as an Executive Recruiter and Partner of the organization. The ability to simplify the hiring process and identify top talent makes him a real professional and an incredible asset to Echo.

Daren often says, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.” We certainly echo his commitment and dedication.


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