Good Questions to Ask a Potential Employer

October 7, 2021

Asking good questions in an interview is extremely important for a multitude of reasons.  They help to identify if a person can do the role, wants to do the role, shows interest and curiosity by the interviewee, etc.   

Over the years we have culminated some questions to provide some thought and help prepare for your next interview.  Certainly this isn’t an exhaustive list but should give some insight as to the type of questions to ask during and interview.  


  1. What characteristics should the person in this position exhibit?
  2. What skills are necessary to succeed in this position?
  3. What can I expect during a typical day or week in this position?
  4. What unique qualities are you hoping this position can provide the company?
  5. What about my resume showed you that I may be a great candidate?
  6. Is this a new position? If not, why is it vacant?
  7. How often does this position experience turnover?
  8. What are some challenges this position might face?
  9. What is the top issue you would like the person in this position to address on their first day of the job?
  10. What goals would you like to see accomplished during the first three months in this position?
  11. Do you have any examples of projects I could see?
  12.  Describe to me a typical day in this role from the time a person starts, until the person leaves?  
  13. What has led previous employees to fail in this position?
  14. Besides those listed in the job description, are there any other tasks you require this position to do?


  1. What is the company culture like here?
  2. How long have you been with the company?  What do you like best about the company?  
  3. Ca What is the company’s overall leadership style?
  4. What is the company’s view on flexible scheduling and remote work?
  5. Who is the supervisor for this position?
  6. What is currently your biggest concern for the team?
  7. What other departments does this position work with?
  8. Can you tell me about the other members of this position’s department?


  1. How often are performance reviews completed?
  2. What metrics or goals will the company use to evaluate my job performance?
  3. Is professional development offered for career advancement?
  4. What is one thing this role can do within the first month?  3 months? Where you will feel the person is doing a great job?
  5.  What are three things I could do in this position that would make your life easier as a manager?  How does this role help you with your career goals and deliverables?


  1. What does success look like for this company?
  2. Where do you see the company headed in the next 10 years?
  3. What are some company goals this position might directly contribute to?
  4. What are some differences between good employees and great employees in this company?
  5.  What jobs have people who previously held this position been promoted to in the past?  How often?
  6. Who are the company’s top three competitors?  In your opinion, what is the companies competitive market advantage?
  7. How does this position contribute to the company’s overall goals?
  8. Where do you see the company headed in the next 10 years?
  9. What are some company goals this position might directly contribute to?
  10. Roughly how many new employees does the company hire annually?


  1. Do you have any final questions about my qualifications?
  2. Do you think I would be a good fit here?
  3. Can you describe the compensation for this position?
  4. Where are you in the hiring process?
  5. When can I expect an answer about the position?
  6. What is the expected start date for this job?
  7.  Are there any questions or concerns that have raised during our time together that I can answer for you before we are completed?  


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