Echo Search Group Announces Vox Outsourcing

July 26, 2022

The partners of Echo Search Group announce a new business line for high-frequency recruiting: VOX Outsourcing. As many hiring managers experience daily, it is a particularly difficult time to find the right candidates for the right role. VOX Outsourcing was created to work as one with your hiring team to provide a complete approach to job fulfillment across your enterprise.

“There are many different reasons companies have struggled to find quality candidates. Some companies don’t have a dedicated recruiting function or even internal human resources. Others have too many open positions for the resources they do have to hire effectively,” said Scott Sterling, co-founder, and partner with Echo Search Group. “When we founded Echo, we created something truly unique with our team approach to executive recruiting…the Echo Edge. VOX Outsourcing is created with that same team-approach mindset, but is scalable for many different positions, across divisions, and in multiple locations.”

VOX Outsourcing is your entire recruiting department the way you always wanted it to be…a team of boots-on-the-ground, proactive, relationship-building recruiters going anywhere and everywhere you need to be to find the best talent for all your roles. We echo your voice and your story to source, connect, qualify, introduce and fill the funnel with the highest quality prospects for your culture and your company.

How? As recruiters with more than 70 years of experience, we dive deep into your company and your role to focus on what works. Whether exempt or non-exempt, whether in food processing, manufacturing, distribution, construction, healthcare or other markets, VOX Outsourcing provides the people resources necessary to achieve your goals.

There is no post it and they will come with VOX. Collaboration and creativity become actions you can see. We work with you to develop a strategy customized to your company culture and your unique recruiting challenges. We then assign a team to execute tactically for you each and every day, and it begins with face-to-face relationship building. VOX is with you through the entire process: tripling your touchpoints for amplified candidate flow, refining the interview process for increased acceptance rates and decreasing your overall time to hire.

PURIS decided to engage VOX Outsourcing based on a great working relationship and the need for dedicated recruiting beyond what an internal recruiter could provide.

“As we grow and build our exceptional team, we need a partner who understands our culture, our people, and most of all…drives excellent results. VOX Outsourcing is our go-to team” said Tyler Lorenzen, CEO of PURIS. “People are at the core of both our businesses — partnering with VOX long term was an essential decision to help find top talent to join our team at PURIS.”

VOX Outsourcing is the right solution for meeting today’s hiring and retention challenges, but you will never have to just take our word for it. We work within your hiring system, track all our activities per candidate and report monthly on all our activities per role. We hold ourselves accountable for your success. By choosing VOX as your proactive recruiting solution, you will see results both in the short-term — finding the right people for all your roles — and long-term — creating stronger employee retention and overall satisfaction.


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