Join us as Echo Gives Back

November 30, 2022

December is our country’s National Month of Giving. Last year, Americans gave a record-breaking $410.2 billion to charity, and one-third of that giving occurred in December. Our team at Echo Search Group is engaging with you, our Echo community, to be a part of this season of giving and to, hopefully, help break our country’s last year’s giving record with our Echo Gives Back campaign.

Echo Gives Back is a giving initiative to draw attention to our community’s favorite nonprofits. Here are the details and a way you can earn a donation for your favorite nonprofit:

  • Each Thursday in the month of December, Echo will post a charity that is near and dear to a member of our team.
  • You, our clients, partners and candidates, comment on the LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook post about a charity that is near and dear to your heart.

    (This feels good, right? We’re spreading the news about amazing organizations that make a difference in our community. Well, it gets better.)

  • For the first 50 people who comment and tell us why their nonprofit is such a fantastic service to the community, Echo will contribute a small donation to that charity in their name. That’s right! Not only will you be bringing attention to your favorite charity, but they’ll get a small bump in their coffers during this important giving season.

Here’s an example

Our first post features a non-profit near and dear to Daren Miller and his family, Secondhand Hounds, a local pet rescue. Daren is sponsoring this cute senior corgi, Sierra. So, you see this post, and you think Sierra is as adorable as we do. You may decide to check out Secondhand Hounds, donate, volunteer, or browse through their cute dogs and cats that are up for adoption. You may, but it isn’t required. Daren’s post inspires you to comment about your favorite nonprofit… for the sake of an example, your favorite charity is the Minnesota Stroke Association, and you write a comment that your dad participated in a fantastic support group for stroke survivors facilitated by the Minnesota Stroke Association that really helped him through his stroke recovery. And hey, you were commenter 15, so Echo is giving a small donation in your name to the Minnesota Stroke Association. It’s that easy!

Join us to make this December the best season of giving ever! Check out Echo Search Group on your favorite social platform each Thursday in December for our team’s favorite nonprofits and spread the news about your favorite. What a difference we make when we give back together!

P.S. Every initiative has some fine print and here’s ours: Echo Search Group is the host of the Echo Gives Back campaign, and as good hosts, we’re avoiding hot-button topics such as religion and politics. While we have no doubt that many of you have political and religious groups that are near and dear to your hearts, please promote secular and non-partisan institutions. Other fine print, only one entry per person. Thanks for your understanding and your participation. Now get posting!


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